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How to Build.

On this page, There will be infomation on How to Build, Nesting Boxes, Avairy Panels, Breading Cages, and Indoor Cages, I hope that this will be very helpfull.

The Tools,

To build the following you will need,

A Tapemeasure,  Saw,  Staple gun,  Pencil,  Hammer,  A Drill with a circular cutter, 

Timber,  Tacks or Staples,  Screws   (Hinges, A small Catch).  Wire mesh,

To Build a basic Nestbox/es.

To start with you will need a sheet of ply 32ins x 18ins x 1/4ins, out of this we should get 3 nesting boxes,

Then you will need a 2nd sheet of ply 20-1/2ins x 18ins x 1/4ins, out of this we should get the tops and the bottoms,

Then follow the template below to mark it out and cut out the pieces. 


Once you have built your nesting box/es,


Building a Avairy/ Panels.

It helps if you no what size of wire mesh you have to start with, although I will do this on wire mesh that is 3ft wide, ( but the principal is the same,).

Firsty you will need a pack of wood 1" x half" ( from wicks £5-60, for a pack of 8 ), and some wire mesh.

Each panel will be 6ft x 3ft,

(bare in mind that this is for a small avary, anythink bigger you will need thicker timber).


The Avairy Panel plans.

Building an Avairy,




 Here is how to build a breeding / nursery cage, PLEASE NOTE! This is only for what i have described this for,, ( To build a chipmunk cage will be next on this list).

 WRITE UP=  Once you have done the above, I found it easier to wire mesh the base first,  To wire mesh the front/back, I started at the bottom of the back and meshed up the back, across the top, and down the front, cutting out the door , once this is done you will need 2 sheets of mesh to cover each of the ends, I slightly over laped it to cover the sides, PLEASE NOTE,  If you are going to add any trees that are bigger than the door, put them in before you seal one of the ends!

The last part= get a piece of ply 35" x  19" and build a square frame around the edge of it, the frame should be about 1 1/2" high, once done add a handle or 2 at the front and you now have your draw as shown above, I put newspaper and on top of that saw chipping,



To build a chipmunk cage, 1st of all you will need wire mesh, and 1" x 1/2" (wicks). Start by making the frames first, you will need 5@ 72", -  4@ 36", -  6@  35", - 2@ 27", - 2@ 12", This should build the front & back panels, (See fig 1) The door will be made up from 2@ 9 3/4", - 2@ 11 3/4",

To join the front to the back cut 14@ 35", See fig 2.



How to Build a big Chipmunk Wheel,


How I built a big chipmunk wheel.